• IFT 603: Techniques d'apprentissage [H2015] [H2014]
  • IFT 607: Traitement automatique des langues naturelles [A2014]
  • IFT 615: Intelligence artificielle [E2013] [E2012] [H2012]
  • IFT 725: Réseaux neuronaux [A2014] [A2013] [A2012]

Map and directions

The computer science department is at 2500 boul. de l'Université, in Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada).

My office room number is D4-1024-1, i.e.:
  • "D4" for the building and wing
  • "1" for the floor
  • "024-1" for the office
The computer science department covers wings D4 to D6, and the Faculty of Sciences covers all D1 to D8 wings.

More information on the campus is available here. Note that in addition to the main campus, Université de Sherbrooke also has a health campus and a Longueuil campus.

Within Sherbrooke, several city bus lines have a stop at the university.

From outside Sherbrooke (but within Québec), the best way to get to the university is probably by car (simply use the Google Map plan on the right to get an itinerary).

If you plan on coming from outside of Québec, you can fly to Montreal (Montréal-Trudeau airport) and rent a car.

From the airport, it is aslo possible to take a shuttle to the central station, from which a bus to Sherbrooke can be taken (more information available here). Not all buses stop at the university, but there are several city buses that go to the university from the final bus station in Sherbrooke.

Calendar (my busy times)